Commercial real estate


CORPUS SIREO Real Estate has recognised expertise in commercial property development. Thanks to a well-established network of locations in regions with the best commercial property development prospects, years of development expertise and continuous training programmes for its staff, CORPUS SIREO Real Estate is always up to date with the latest developments. 

Not only does CORPUS SIREO Real Estate have its own development projects as part of the Swiss Life Group, but it also contracts its development services to third parties and offers co-investment opportunities.

The company’s development services are provided from a single source throughout the duration of the project – from acquiring/securing the land and signing the lease or operating agreements right through to constructing, completing and selling the property.

"Investors and clients expect us to meet their demands. And we are good to our word. It is our way to inspire faith in us and in the future."
Michael Westerhove

Peter Skopp Commercial Development

Benjamin Schümer Commercial Development
: 23.10.2017