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Residential development Rhineland

CORPUS SIREO Real Estate has been implementing sustainable, profitable and high-quality residential construction projects for many years. From our founding location of Cologne, we handle the regions of Cologne/Bonn and Düsseldorf, Aachen, Münster and the Ruhr region as the branch office for the Rhineland.

With the experience of qualified and dedicated employees, we can refer to our precise knowledge of the market in the region as well as a host of references and an excellent reputation. From the purchase of the property to planning and implementation, right through to a prompt, turnkey handover, we offer our investors and buyers all services from a single source.

For our developments, we are always looking for appropriate properties in urban, well-connected locations, which are suitable for future residential development. As part of this process, we purchase properties with and without planning rights as well as developed and undeveloped land.
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Current Projects



In the “Heymat” project, developer CORPUS SIREO Real Estate is building a collection of 27 owner-occupied apartments and 15 detached-style residences on Heyestraße/Märkische Straße in Düsseldorf.

The concept incorporates three different residential products: Heymat Märkische Straße, Heymat Heyestraße and Heymat Domizil.
The residential product “Heymat Märkische Straße” is a street front development comprising a total of 13 freely accessible owner-occupied apartments. They each have three to six rooms and a surface area of between 93 and 154 square metres. Each apartment has a balcony or terrace that looks out onto the interior courtyard.
“Heymat Heyestraße” features 14 apartments that have a more compact style with two (56 m2) to four rooms (97 m2). Each apartment is equipped with either a balcony or a terrace.

Two underground car parks with a total of 46 parking spaces leave the interior courtyard vehicle-free. Here we find “Heymat Domizil”, which features an additional 15 almost identical residences approximately 140 square metres in surface area with 4 - 5 rooms and a detached character. All the residences have private gardens and additional front gardens.

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StadtGrün Wittlaer

CORPUS SIREO Projektentwicklung Düsseldorf GmbH is handling the construction of 58 apartments as well as 32 terraced houses, two-family and single-family houses in Düsseldorf-Wittlaer. The vendor of the project is the social organisation Graf-Recke-Stiftung. 

The project covers a total of approximately 34,000 square metres, and is located at Bergesweg as well as Einbrunger Straße in Düsseldorf-Wittlaer, and, in certain cases, borders directly onto the Schwarzbach district. On the Bergesweg site which covers approximately 13,580 square metres, approximately 58 apartments are to be constructed in ten three-storey buildings, covering a total residential area of more than 5,600 square metres. In addition, the project also intends to build a total of four underground parking facilities with a total of approximately 75 parking spaces. 

On the site in Einbrunger Straße covering 20,485 square metres, there are plans to build 32 terraced, two-family and single-family houses covering a total residential area of more than 5,820 square metres. Each house will be provided with its own garage or a carport.

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Project information:

Address: Einbrunger Str. / Bergesweg, Düsseldorf-Wittlaer
Total living space: approx. 11,420 m² 
Total units: 36 town houses, pairs of semi-detached houses and single-family houses, 58 owner-occupied apartment 
Realisation period: 2014-2016

Project partner: 

S Corpus Immobilienmakler GmbH, Office Düsseldorf
Residential Development Poppelsdorfer Allee in Bonn - Front view
Address: Poppelsdorfer Allee/Heinrich-v.-Kleist-Straße, 53113 Bonn
Total residential space: around 24,625 m² residential, 9300 m² commercial + hotel
Number of residential units: around 345 residential units
Implementation period: 2020–2024 & 2030–2032
Sales: S Corpus Immobilienmakler GmbH

Mixed-use accommodation comprising listed existing buildings with primarily commercial use as well as a two-stage new-build apartment development is being built on Poppelsdorfer Allee/Heinrich-v.-Kleist-Str., Bonn on the former grounds of the Zurich insurance group.

The project stands out thanks to its central location adjacent to the area of Bonn City South, with its Gründerzeit architecture, and thanks to its location on Poppelsdorfer Allee. A broad mix of 2 to 5-room residential units with a share of subsidised apartments and a nursery facility will be built based on new planning law and a city planning competition.
Current Residential Development Project Rhieler Strasse in Cologne - map
Address: Riehler Straße/Oppenheimstraße/Worringer Straße, 50668 Cologne
Total residential space: around 30,650 m² residential, 12,100 m² existing commercial
Number of residential units: around 360 residential units
Implementation period: 2020–2024
Sales: S Corpus Immobilienmakler GmbH

Mixed-use accommodation comprising partially listed existing buildings with commercial use as well as a new-build apartment development is being built on Riehler Str./Oppenheimstr/Worringer Str., Cologne on the former grounds of the Zurich insurance group.

The project is impressive with its central location between the zoo and the Rhine within sight of the cathedral. A broad mix of 2 to 5-room residential units with a 30% share of subsidised apartments and a 3-group nursery facility will be built.
Current Residential Development Project Scheffelstrasse in Cologne - Front view
Address: Scheffelstraße, 50935 Cologne-Lindenthal
Total residential space: around 2650 m²
Number of residential units: around 22 owner-occupied apartments
Implementation period: 2019–2020
Sales: S Corpus Immobilienmakler GmbH

On Scheffelstr., Cologne-Lindenthal, CORPUS SIREO Real Estate GmbH is developing 22 high-quality residential units in a premium location and with a timelessly modern architectural style as part of a development with a closed perimeter and rear courtyard on the site of a former retirement home.

The plot is characterised by its superior quality. What makes the property so appealing are its ideal links to everyday amenities as well as its proximity to the Stadtwald forest and the quiet neighbouring roads. A broad mix of 2 to 5-room residential units will be built, including three maisonette apartments and five domicile.

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: 21.11.2018