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Land purchase

CORPUS SIREO Real Estate is always looking for suitable sites for its project developments.
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Residential Development

Type of usage Plots / Properties which are suitable for Residential, retail, office, hotel or healthcare development
Macro Location Greater Cologne, Düsseldorf, Aachen, Muenster,
Greater Frankfurt (Rhine-Main), Wiesbaden, Mayence, Darmstadt,
Greater Munich, Berlin / Potsdam
Greater Hamburg
Micro Location Urban areas with existing infrastructure (local supply, education, public transport, etc.), preferable in central areas and good suburban areas
Construction year Undeveloped or developed sites, already planned properties
Volume €1 m upwards per property/ Realisableflats: 15 accomandation´units upwards
 Occupancy rate  Vacant or let
  • All kinds of properties which can be turned into residential or commercial space, torn down or newly built
  • With or without planning regulations
  • Conversion areas, future development land


Baltasar Fernandenz Residential Development

Commercial Development

Property Type Sites/properties and buildings that are suitable for the following usage types: office, hotel and retail
Macro Location Metropolitan areas of Cologne/Bonn, Düsseldorf
Metropolitan area of Frankfurt am Main with the Rhine-Main region
Metropolitan area of Hamburg, metropolitan area of Munich, metropolitan area of Stuttgart
Medium-sized cities with strong growth, such as Bonn,
Leipzig, Dresden, Hanover, Nuremberg
Micro Location Urban, established areas with existing infrastructure (local amenities, education, public transport connections), preferably in city centres and well-connected peripheral locations and/or office centres/commercial sites.
Construction year Undeveloped or developed land, buildings with repurposing potential, even already planned properties
Volume In the event of an existing anchor tenant: investment volume of EUR 30 million to EUR 300 million, in the event of purchase without existing lease agreements in good locations up to max. EUR 200 million investment volume.
 Occupancy Empty or leased with expiring lease agreements or lease agreements that can be dissolved at short notice
Comments Properties of all types that are suitable for projects with the aforementioned commercial uses by means of refurbishment or demolition and reconstruction. With or without existing planning rights.


Benjamin Schümer Commercial Development

: 21.11.2018