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5/8/2017 Swiss Life Asset Managers acquires office and commercial property ATROS in Munich from Hammer AG
First investment for the “Living + Working” public fund
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3/20/2017 Swiss Life Asset Managers purchases HBC Europe Service Centre in Cologne from WealthCap
-38,000 square metres of office space, leased on a long-term basis - Acquisition for Swiss Life KVG
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3/15/2017 German CORPUS SIREO buys and sells properties for €3.1 billion in 2016
Properties acquired for €1.8 billion - Residential and commercial properties worth €1.3 billion sold - Fund business ...
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3/14/2017 Study by CORPUS SIREO and empirica: rent development in German B-cities stronger than in top seven cities
Rent in B-cities increases by 1.8% to €8.42 per square metre - Rent in the top seven cities increases by only 0.2% to ...
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3/10/2017 Swiss Life Asset Managers: New German fund company Swiss Life KVG announces management team
A major focus of Swiss Life KVG is the launch of real estate investment funds for private and institutional ...
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2/16/2017 German CORPUS SIREO spends an additional €130 million in the health care property segment
Acquisition of 12 properties for institutional Health Care Funds €400 million available for further Transactions
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