Real Estate GmbH

Aachener Str. 186
50931 Cologne, Germany

Phone +49 221 39900-0
Fax +49 221 39900-109

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Supervisory Board: Ralph Günther (chairperson)


Management Board:
Bernhard Berg (Spokesperson of the Management Board), Bernd Wieberneit (CFO), 
Michael Westerhove (CDO)


Registered office: Cologne
Local court: Cologne
HRB: 85276
VAT ID: DE291867348


Real Estate S.à r.l.
4a rue Albert Borschette
Plateau de Kirchberg
1246 Luxembourg


Phone +352 24528-0
Fax +352 24528-109


Chairman: Bernhard Berg
Management Board:


Registered office: Luxembourg
Local court: Luxembourg B 111358
VAT ID: LU20893956


Projektentwicklung Wohnen GmbH
Aachener Str. 186
50931 Cologne, Germany


Phone +49 221 2025-871
Fax +49 221 2025-892


Management Board: Michael Westerhove, Anett Barsch


Registered office: Cologne
Local court: Cologne
HRB: 26881
VAT ID: DE291867348


No participation in dispute resolution before a consumer arbitration board.


Permission under section 34c para. 1 Industrial Code granted by 34c para. 1 Industrial Code:
Stadt Köln
Amt für Öffentliche Ordnung
Willy-Brandt-Platz 3
50679 Cologne, Germany


Makler GmbH
Aachener Str. 186
50931 Cologne, Germany

Cologne office
Schaafenstraße 7
50676 Cologne, Germany

Phone +49 221 4737-700 
Fax +49 221 4737-799

Frankfurt branch
Darmstädter Landstr. 125
60598 Frankfurt am Main

Phone +49 69 97908-0
Fax +49 69 97908-199

Düsseldorf branch

Berliner Allee 27-29

40212 Düsseldorf, Germany

Phone +49 211 15978-0 

Fax +49 211 15978-123 

Bonn branch
Am Burgweiher 65
53123 Bonn

Phone +49 228 909051-0
Fax +49 228 909051-587


Management Board 
Christoph Seckler, Michael Westerhove


Commercial Register / VAT ID number
Local Court of Cologne, HRB 23213
VAT ID number: DE291867348

Competent regulatory/supervisory authorities
Permission under section 34c para. 1 Industrial Code granted by: 
Stadt Köln (Amt für Öffentliche Ordnung)
Willy-Brandt-Platz 3
50679 Cologne, Germany

Permission under section 34i para. 1 Industrial Code granted by:
Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Unter Sachsenhausen 10-26
50667 Cologne, Germany, registration no.: D-W-142-1533-96


Arbitration board
With the participation of consumer association Verband Privater Bauherren e.V., Immobilienverband Deutschland IVD e.V. (IVD) has established an arbitration board as stipulated in the Consumer Dispute Resolution Act. Prior to reaching the arbitration board, disputes between consumers and IVD members can be resolved in out-of-court arbitration proceedings. CORPUS SIREO Makler GmbH is a member of IVD, and based on the statutes of IVD, it is required to issue a statement in writing to the ombudsman service if it initiates proceedings. As a general rule, CORPUS SIREO Makler GmbH does not participate in arbitration proceedings with other arbitration boards. The address of the arbitration board for IVD is:

Ombudsmann Immobilien IVD/VPB – Grunderwerb und –verwaltung,

Littenstraße 10, 10179 Berlin.


You can find more information on the arbitration board (e.g. additional contact details and procedural code) at

European Online Dispute Resolution platform

The European Commission offers a platform for online dispute resolution (ODR platform). You can visit it at


: 23.10.2017