Nikolai Tschischke

Master of Arts in Real Estate Management

EBZ Bochum


Course of studies and specialisations

Course of studies: Master of Arts in Real Estate Management


(Previous) areas of deployment at CORPUS SIREO

As part of the Portfolio Management team at CORPUS SIREO Asset Management Residential my activities have so far included:
Checking portfolio and single property purchases
Further development of portfolio management software
Creation of Excel-based location ranking
Support for the planning process for a portfolio with more than 10,000 residential units


What fascinates me about CORPUS SIREO?

With six business units CORPUS SIREO offers a wide range of real estate services to institutional and private clients.

The company supports a broad scope of clients with services along the whole chain of real estate value creation.

This variety means that CORPUS SIREO is an exciting employer with a diversified and challenging working environment and excellent opportunities for further training.


My experience during my deployment?

Right from my very first day, I was actively involved in day-to-day operations and was gradually allowed to take on more and more tasks. With time, I was also entrusted with larger projects in which I am able to work on my personal responsibility, whilst nevertheless receiving support at all times if necessary.

I have regular feedback discussions with my superior and also with my colleagues; these provide me with feedback concerning my work and also formulate new objectives and the way in which these objectives can be attained.

I consider that particularly positive aspects are the excellent working atmosphere within the company, the professional working environment and active support provided for my further professional development.

In combination with my course of studies, I consider working with CORPUS SIREO as an excellent opportunity for combining theory and practice. I believe this is an ideal way of entering the professional world of the real estate industry.

If you have any questions regarding the subject of CORPUS SIREO, either contact me at the university or write me an e-mail with the subject “Botschafterprogramm: EBZ Bochum” at

: 25.08.2019