Laura Henninger

Bachelor of Arts in International Real Estate Management

Hochschule Aschaffenburg


Course of studies and specialisations

Course of studies: Bachelor of Arts in International Real Estate Management


(Previous) areas of deployment at CORPUS SIREO

General Asset Management


What fascinates me about CORPUS SIREO?

At CORPUS SIREO, I am particularly fascinated by the wide range of business areas, and in particular the variety of activities which are not only related with asset management and which of course also relate to the international activities of the activities of the company, in line with my studies.



My experience during my deployment?

The most important experience which I have so far gained at CORPUS SIREO was the friendly nature of contacts between my colleagues.

As a student, one of course has many questions and requires a certain amount of assistance in certain cases; again, I have only had good experiences with a very helpful team in this respect.
I should particularly like to mention the Mentor Programme, which facilitates a smooth start to working at CORPUS SIREO.

As the results of various events held within the framework of the programme of studies combining theory and practice, I was able to very quickly establish contact with other students participating in the this programme, trainees and work students and exchange my experiences with these colleagues.
As a student following a programme of studies combining theory and practice, this was a particularly important aspect for achieving a better overview of the company and its numerous departments, also with regard to the change of department.

As a result of my activity at CORPUS SIREO, I was able to very quickly gain an excellent insight into the practical part of my study and identify initial interfaces with my course of studies.

If you have any questions regarding the subject of CORPUS SIREO, either contact me at the university or write me an e-mail with the subject “Botschafterprogramm: Hochschule Aschaffenburg” at"

: 25.08.2019