Michael Westerhove has been working at CORPUS SIREO since 2005. In his function as Chief Development Officer (CDO), Michael Westerhove has since 1 July 2016 been responsible for all investment development activities in the field of developer and commercial operations.

Previously, Herr Westerhove was management spokesman of CORPUS SIREO Makler and CORPUS SIREO Projektentwicklung Wohnen. Before his career at CORPUS SIREO, the business management graduate and real estate economist was responsible in various functions at the Hochtief Group, most recently as director for all civil engineering and developer activities within the group.

,,Our objective: To develop the optimum combination of a unique idea and an appropriate site in order to optimise the customer benefit. Within our range of services, development creativity is a vital module which makes the difference."
Michael Westerhove

: 23.10.2017